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Current Ongoing Studies

1. Study of Nasal Insulin to Fight Forgetfulness (SNIFF)
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STATUS: Recruiting
The SNIFF study will evaluate whether a type of insulin improves memory when administered through the nose as a nasal spray to adults with amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or early Alzheimer's disease (AD). The study will also look at the effect of insulin on brain structure and function, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) biomarkers and blood biomarkers.

Participants will be given a nasal spray device with either insulin or placebo. Participants will be randomly assigned to the treatment or the placebo group for 12 months followed by six months in which all participants will receive insulin. During the first 12 months neither study participants nor study staff will know who is receiving active treatment and who is receiving placebo (called a "double-blind" study). Individuals between 55 and 85 years of age with a diagnosis of amnestic mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or early AD can be considered.

2. ADNI2
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STATUS: Active, closed to enrollment
The Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative - 2 (ADNI2) study is a newly funded NIA study that builds upon the previous ADNI1 and ADNI-GO studies. This study will continue to follow ADNI-GO and ADNI1 subjects longitudinally for an additional 5 years. In addition, ADNI2 will recruit new subjects from one of four groups of individuals: cognitively normal (CN), eMCI (early mild cognitive impairment), IMCI (late mild cognitive impairment), and mild-AD. This study aims to follow all subjects except for the mild-AD subjects (mild AD subject participation will end at 24 months) for up to 54 months by employing body fluid (blood, urine, CSF), neuropsychological testing, braing MRIs and PET scans at different time points throughout the subject's participation.  ADNI2 is a non randomized longitudinal study that offers no drug or investigational treatment. 

Other Clinical Trial Resources

ADEAR Clinical Trials Database - The Alzheimer's Disease Education & Referral Center (ADEAR) clinical trials database provides detailed information - background, eligibility criteria, site listings, and references - on Alzheimer's disease research studies sponsored by the National Institute on Aging, other NIH institutes, private organizations, and industry.

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